Court Rules

1.        You must be a current Amberlea Tennis Club member to use the courts.
2.        Club events (league play, lessons, etc.) will pre-empt general play. Please check the court
3.        When the courts are full and members are waiting to play, players should leave the court at
the next 1/2 hour interval.
4.        The members playing the longest would leave first.
5.        Courts are available daily until 11pm.
6.        The courts are locked unless members are present so the last player leaving the courts
must lock the gate.


Remember, it is the responsibility of each member to take care of our courts and to set a positive
example for others in the community.

Amberlea tennis club has only 2 courts and many active members. Members may have to wait for a
court to become available. It is therefore very important that members know the rules and follow

Court rules are posted on the website and at the courts.  Amberlea Tennis Clubs activities such as
league play, tournaments, etc override these rules.  Information about club activities is indicated
on the court usage calendar that is available on the website and at the courts.  While efforts are
made to keep the court usage calendar up to date, sometimes errors and omissions may occur.

How do the court usage rules work?   

When members are waiting to play, the members on the court should leave on the ½ hour (i.e. 8:30,
9:00, and 9:30).

If they just started playing, then they would come off at the next ½ hour interval.

If the members have been playing for 30 minutes already, they should leave the courts and let the
waiting members play.

When the courts are busy, you can expect to play for 30 minutes and wait for 30 minutes.

Who should leave the courts first when members are waiting to play?  The members who have
been on the courts the longest should leave first. This applies to all types of matches: singles,
doubles, adults and kids. Remember that Club events override this rule.

Durham League Code of Conduct